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The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Roland Emmerich
Drama/Disaster/Science Fiction
The Day After Tomorrow
119 minutes
Roland Emmerich
Mark Gordon
Roland Emmerich
Jeffrey Nachmanoff

Cast includes:

Jack Hall Dennis Quaid
Sam Hall Jake Gyllenhaal
Laura Chapman Emmy Rossum
Jason Evans Dash Mihok
Dr. Lucy Hall Sela Ward
J.D. Austin Nichols
Brian Parks Arjay Smith
Terry Rapson Ian Holm
Vice President Becker Kenneth Welsh



The premise of the good-old fashioned disaster movie is a hypothesis, and what largely decides its level of interest is the potential of this hypothesis and how it is presented. That is not to say that its probability has been discussed. Of the science on which a film like this is based I cannot say much (and not even experts agree). So if a filmmaker wants to go with a worst-case scenario in order to make a film, then alright with me.

Roland Emmerich is a director who likes his works to be loud and flashy and who doesn't mind a bit of melodrama. His most renowned film, Independence Day, was over-dimensioned and more or less shot its own mouth off. His newest outing, The Day After Tomorrow has many of the same qualities but largely stays away from the ridiculously pompous statements. It is closer in spirit to the classic disaster movies of the 1970s, but the scale of the disaster here is of course a quite different one. There is little doubt that in presenting the whole thing, Emmerich is way too ambitious. And his focal points are at times (as with Independence Day) strange, to say the least. The film values human life more unequally than most tyrannies throughout history, and most characters make choices that are so far off from realism that it makes them look less authentic than the forces of nature presented. Even so, Emmerich directs his action sequences brilliantly and makes it all quite suspenseful. The images are breathtaking. Never mind the kid with cancer or the ridiculous wolf-attack.

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