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references to this site

"Auteur Theory" - an essay from
References to my article "Dan Schneider and James Berardinelli's
misconception of the auteur theory"

Fantasia International Film Festival 2011
Uses a quote from my review of the film Klovn in their program.

The National Gallery of Art's Film Program for Fall 2010
References my review of the Norwegian movie Jernanger.
See also this link.

Northern Arizona University
Dr. Joseph Boles referenced a big chunk of my review of Bonnie and Clyde
in Northern Arizona University's program for a film course entitled
"Movies That Changed the Movies: Identity, Alienation, and Ethical Choice" in 2007.

University of Texas Libraries
References my review of The Wild One in a discussion on the film.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Website
Reference to my listing this film as my 2nd best from the year 2007.



other film sites / reviewers

IMDb: The Internet Movie Database
The most comprehensive

Qwipster's Movie Reviews
I don't usually get too impressed with reviewers on the internet, 
but Vince Leo of Qwipster's Movie Reviews has an approach that
appeals to me. He's strict, analytic and writes well. Recommended.

The MovieHamlet
Brilliant and concise reviews by Swedish critic Stefan Hedmark,
and with an interesting blog for good measure.



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