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A Few Good Men (1992)

Rob Reiner
Et spørsmål om ære
138 minutes
David Brown
Rob Reiner
Andrew Scheinman
Aaron Sorkin

Cast includes:

Lt. J.G. Daniel Kaffee Tom Cruise ½
Col. Nathan R. Jessep Jack Nicholson
Lt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway Demi Moore ½
Capt. Jack Ross Kevin Bacon ½
Lt. Jonathan Kendrick Kiefer Sutherland
Lt. Sam Weinberg Kevin Pollak
Lcpl. Harold W. Dawson Wolfgang Bodison
P1C Louden Downey James Marshall
Ltc. Matthew Markinson J. T. Walsh
Judge Randolph J. A. Preston
Private William T. Santiago Michael DeLorenzo
Cpl. Jeffrey Barnes Noah Wyle
Cpl. Carl Hammaker Cuba Gooding Jr.
Capt. Whitaker Xander Berkeley
Lt. Dave Sprading Matt Craven
Captain West John M. Jackson
Dr. Stone Christopher Guest



Aaron Sorkin adapted his own enormously successful debut-play (to which he had sold the film-rights already before its premiere, incidentally), and Rob Reiner directed with an apt combination of warmth and slickness in this high-profile courtroom drama starring a still fledgling but assured Tom Cruise and a young and hard-looking Demi Moore. The plot may not be all that groundbreaking in terms of narrative structure (after all, this is a classically told courtroom drama), but Sorkin's playful juggling with technicalities and power games gives the film a force and freshness which is further elevated by Sorkin's clever dialogue-writing (which here stays on the right side of ridicule). This is an ideal basis for the explosive supporting cast to exert their skill. And when you can complement solid work by the likes of Kevin Pollak, James Marshall, Wolfgang Bodison and the ever reliable J. T. Walsh with a near career-best turn by Jack Nicholson, a performance with so much power that every frame he's in almost boils over, then it doesn't matter that the final showdown is just a little bit implausible or that everything seems just a little bit too neatly fashioned. A Few Good Men is classic, sleek 1990s film-making at its best.

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