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Get Ready to Be Boyzvoiced (2000)

Directed by:
Espen Eckbo
Henrik Elvestad
Mathis Fürst


Get Ready to Be Boyzvoiced

95 minutes

Produced by:
Stein-Roger Bull
Written by:
Espen Eckbo
Henrik Elvestad

Cast includes:

M'Pete, Ove, Waldemar and others Espen Eckbo ½
Hot Tub Øyvind Thoen
Roar Kaare Daniel Steen
Manager Timothy Dahle Henrik Elvestad
Wenche Pettersen Linn Skåber

Titano Music Festival Organizer

Atle Antonsen
Sverre Bratsberg Jon Øigarden
Producer Jens Ovesen Trond-Viggo Torgersen
Ingrid Lund-Bergseter Jorunn Kjellsby -
Stine Ida Thorkildsen Valvik -
Lars Erik Martinsen Nikis Theophilakis -
Brian Kauffman Tony Totino -

Se & Hør Journalist

Eivind Sander -

As themselves

Espen Lind
Morten Abel
Christian Ingebrigtsen
Ben Adams
Per Kristian Indrehus



Outstanding Norwegian mockumentary which satirizes the burgeoning boy-band phenomenon around the turn of the millennium with warmth and passion. The star of the show is the brilliant Norwegian comedian Espen Eckbo, who is co-director, co-writer and plays several parts, including the lead as Boyzvoice front man M'Pete in addition to the band’s biggest fan, 14-year-old Ove. Eckbo's unabrasive but still razor-sharp satire is an art in itself, and his talent for physical comedy, characterizations and line-delivery makes Get Ready to Be Boyzvoiced an exquisite, timeless viewing experience which has stood (and will continue to stand) the test of time remarkably well. The film is still to the point in so many ways. The catchy songs and hilarious lyrics were written by Jens Thoresen and Eckbo/Elvestad, respectively. And M'Pete and Hot Tub (Øyvind Thoen) actually do much of the singing themselves, contrary to what is claimed in the narrative. Although that superb James Bond song at the end was actually sung by Morten Harket of A-ha.

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