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Repulsion (1965)

Directed by:
Roman Polanski
United Kingdom
110 minutes
Produced by:
Gene Gutowski
Written by:
Roman Polanski
Gérard Brach
David Stone

Cast includes:

Carol Ledoux Catherine Deneuve ˝
Michael Ian Hendry ˝
Colin John Fraser
Landlord Patrick Wymark
Helen Ledoux Yvonne Furneaux ˝



This Roman Polanski classic is a thematically overwhelming and visually stunning shocker depicting sexual repression and the horrors of isolation. Catherine Deneuve is the young, kittesque misfit deadlocked between childhood and adult life, and the setting is a seemingly regular London flat. Repulsion is one of Polanski's most erotic movies (had it been made today, it'd definitely have been very visual as well), and yet again he deals with sexual abnormality. However, for a horror movie, it isn't quite suspenseful enough, and for a psychological drama, it doesn't quite dig deep enough. There's so much interesting going on in this movie, but Carol is a frustrating character to get to know – she pushes the viewer away much in the same way she does with men, and we're left watching through Polanski's objective, somewhat detached camera. Patrick Wymark deserves the most credit for the best scene in the film, a wonderful long-shot encapsulating most of what Repulsion is about: ambivalence, estrangement and isolation – both mentally and physically. Unfortunately, Polanski keeps his view too static and doesn't let us dig deeper as the events go by.

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