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Triangle of Sadness (2022)

Directed by:
Ruben Östlund
France/United Kingdom

Satirical black comedy

Triangle of Sadness

147 minutes

Produced by:
Erik Hemmendorff
Philippe Bober
Written by:
Ruben Östlund

Cast includes:

Carl Harris Dickinson
Yaya Charlbi Dean
Abigail Dolly de Leon ˝
Dimitry Zlatko Burić
Therese Iris Berben
Paula Vicki Berlin
Jarmo Henrik Dorsin ˝
Nelson Jean-Christophe Folly ˝
Vera Sunnyi Melles
The captain Woody Harrelson
Clementine Amanda Walker -
Winston Oliver Ford Davies -



This gem of a movie is a feast for eyes and mind – an aesthetic and intellectual triumph from Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund. We follow the young couple of Carl and Yaya (Harris Dickinson and the late Charlbi Dean), who work as models and influencers, like any 20-somethings would in the social media culture of today. When they are sponsored a luxury cruise on a lavish yacht full of wealthy people from various nationalities and backgrounds, they find themselves in a hotchpotch of different types of vanity, right between old money and new money, and surrounded by the ship's many working class crewmembers. Triangle of Sadness scrutinizes and makes fun of human selfishness and weaknesses, although Östlund doesn't view these as our downfall, but rather as part of our intrinsic nature. His microcosmos is as funny as it is poignant, because he reverses everything and plays with every convention, but without resorting to ridicule. What Östlund quite brilliantly postulates here is that being greedy and selfish has nothing to do with class or privilege – we are all basically just clinging on to and protecting what we have. And if the chance to further ourselves arises, we jump on it, regardless of our social position. Triangle of Sadness is an enjoyable ride to come along for, a fascinating tale to be let in on, and a truly idiosyncratic work of art. One of the best films of the year.

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