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Under the Silver Lake (2018)

Directed by:
David Robert Mitchell

Black comedy/Mystery

Under the Silver Lake

139 minutes

Produced by:
Michael De Luca
Chris Bender
Jake Weiner
Adele Romanski
David Robert Mitchell

Written by:
David Robert Mitchell

Cast includes:

Sam Andrew Garfield
Sarah Riley Keough
Bar Buddy Topher Grace
Millicent Sevence Callie Hernandez
Final Man Don McManus -
Songwriter Jeremy Bobb -
Actress Riki Lindhome -
Troy Zosia Mamet -
Comic Fan Patrick Fischler
Allen Jimmi Simpson -
Balloon Girl Grace Van Patten -
Jesus Luke Baines -
Homeless King David Yow -



One cannot fault David Robert Mitchell for a lack of ambition with Under the Silver Lake, his follow-up to the compelling and highly successful It Follows from 2014. This time, he leaves his native Michigan behind and ventures into a contemporary Los Angeles populated by overly pop-culturally aware young adults who find themselves caught in the hopelessness of living up to the city's century-long tradition for celebrity and artistic success. Aesthetically, Mitchell wants to make a noirish L.A. movie mystery of classic proportions, with a narrative style and a musical score homaging mid-20th century noir, but the narrative he weaves around it is a teenage boy fantasy which is hard to take seriously, and the pop-cultural nostalgia very soon becomes too glaring and insistent to really transcend into anything. The film feels like a fan fiction follow-up to The Goonies told by a stoned-out underachiever from the Goonies generation. Still, there are a few haunting scenes, such as our protagonist's visit at the songwriter's house. Andrew Garfield delves into his character with a certain conviction and hopefulness, but chances are he would have been just as underwhelmed by what he ultimately was presented with as his character Sam is.

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