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Lakki (1992)

Directed by:
Svend Wam




102 minutes

Produced by:
Petter Vennerød

Written by (based on the novel "Gutten som kunne fly" by Per Knutsen):
Svend Wam

Cast includes:

Lakki Anders Borchgrevink
Moren Nina Gunke ½
Faren Bjørn Skagestad ½
Siss Jorunn Kjellsby -
Gymlæreren Tarzan Øyvin Berven ½
Budda-mannen Jan Grønli -
Tim Gabriel Paaske -
Lakki som 7-åring Stian Bonnevie Arntzen -
En farlig mann Henrik Mestad ½



With their feet still firmly planted in the 1970s and a film technique that has languished in mediocrity for far too long, Wam & Vennerød attempt to adapt Wam's own screenplay based on Per Knutsen's novel into a film of some sort of relevance. Narratively, Lakki is a complete chaos, and the style suggests that Svend Wam for a moment thought he was David Lynch. However, there are several more factors dragging this down, not least the artificial dialogue. Not surprisingly, the inexperienced lead actor Anders Borchegrevink struggles with his line delivery under Wam's inadequate direction. But the biggest problem here is that nothing can bridge the enormous gap between the filmmakers and the environments they depict. In their films from the 1970s and early 1980s, Wam & Vennerød at times appeared to tap into some tendencies in society, but with Lakki they appear sadly alienated from the characters and their psychology. The filmmakers had always divided the critics, but Lakki also demonstrated that they had lost the audience. And perhaps more pressingly, that they no longer were willing to challenge their own shortcomings.

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