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S I N C E   1 9 9 7


Sin City (2005)

Robert Rodriguez
Frank Miller
124 minutes
Elizabeth Avellan
Frank Miller
Robert Rodriguez
Frank Miller

Cast includes:

Nancy Callahan Jessica Alba
Miho Devon Aoki
Becky Alexis Bledel
Senator Roark Powers Boothe
Gail Rosario Dawson
Jackie Boy Benicio Del Toro
Manute Michael Clarke Duncan
Lucille Carla Gugino
The Man Josh Hartnett
Cardinal Roark Rutger Hauer
Godlie/Wendy Jaime King
Bob Michael Madsen
Shellie Brittany Murphy
Dwight Clive Owen
Marv Mickey Rourke
Roark Jr./Yellow Bastard Nick Stahl
Hartigan Bruce Willis
Kevin Elijah Wood



Visually, Robert Rodriguez' Sin City is one of the most compelling, stylish and beautiful films ever. The images are impressively clean and tidy, the colour-palette amazingly crisp and the dynamic camera-movement makes it a roller-coaster ride into Frank Miller's cartoon world. The direction by Rodriguez (Miller is co-credited, but not for the right reasons, according to the SAG) is familiar stuff by now - continuing in the vein he and Quentin Tarantino started in the 90s. That works fine with Sin City, because with these cartoonish and caricatured characters, Rodriguez' 'style over substance'-direction is spot-on. Wonderfully exaggerated, these characters are both joyously engaging and painfully repetitive. Some work better (Rourke, Wood) than others (Owen, Madsen), because as all the male protagonists are basically the same, and with their thoughts being presented through their own voice-over, it's hard for a bleak Clive Owen to follow a rampant Mickey Rourke. Sin City is definitely not without dramatic effect, but the film struggles with keeping its often banal stories interesting throughout. Parts work brilliantly, but Miller and Rodriguez can't prevent the film from becoming episodic. That doesn't mean there isn't a lot of fun in store. Look for Elijah Wood and Josh Hartnett (who both teamed up for Rodriguez' The Faculty back in 1998) in charismatic bit parts.

Copyright 27.7.2005 Fredrik Gunerius Fevang [HAVE YOUR SAY]